IMG_20150117_175422Hello everybody… 🙂 
Let me introduce myself.. My full name is Vinnesa Patricia Carolina Ririhena. But you can call me Vinny. I was born on May 29th, 1996 in Ambon. I have a beautiful mother, a good father, and three cute sisters. 🙂 Oh yeah, i forget to tell you where I came from. Can you guess it? I give you a clue.. “see from my birthday place.” hahaha… yeaa, i came from Ambon. 🙂

I have some hobbies, they are reading novel and fashion. And from my fashion hobby, i have followed two fashion contests and from one of the contest, i was be a winner. I have followed a Presenter contest and i have got third winner in province level.

In my education, I have school in Ebenhaezer Kindergarten in Timika Papua, Inpres Kwamki II Elementary School Timika Papua, Negeri 2 Junior High School Timika Papua, Negeri 5 Senior High School in Jayapura Papua and complete the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Amikom Yogyakarta.


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